TwinsArchives.Com has identified Cristiano Ronaldo as the most celebrated parent of twins in the world. The Portuguese superstar and the world’s ? best footballer of the century is the father of twins, son Mateo, and daughter Eva. Though before the Twins he had Cristiano Jnr., the incredible and very talented young lad.

The philanthropist is a father of four and happy with Georgina Rodriguez that gave birth to his last daughter, Alana Martina. The story has it that the mother of the superstar almost aborted his pregnancy.

Today you can see what he has become, beyond his excellent records in football ⚽ is the beautiful gift of twins he has given to the world ?. TwinsArchives.Com looks forward to a live interview with him and the twins someday.

The Juventus FC, player, has set a lot of new records in his life journey, over 1000 appearances, scored 765 goals, and assisted for
224 goals both in his country and club side.

The 32yrs old Madrid-born has also won many titles with different clubs.

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